• how morsel snacks works

    A Workplace Sampling and Marketing Program that Provides Key Consumer Insights and Nurtures Sales

    Morsel offers brands a high-impact strategy that not only provides consumer data insights and product feedback, but, like totally, includes continued consumer engagement to drive current and future sales. Our dope workplace sampling program is offered at a fraction of the cost of similar campaigns, keeping your marketing dollars going and going and going. 

    The Program Includes:

    • Workplace sampling
    • Guerrilla sampling
    • Educated brand ambassadors
    • Targeted consumer feedback
    • Follow-up communications
    • Hyper local consumer insights
    • Brand-specific reporting dashboard with data amplification and analytics
    • Logo featured on Morsel van, website, and menu card
    • Product prominently displayed in offices

    • Product featured on @morselsnacks Instagram feed
    • Real-time consumer engagement in @morselsnacks Instagram Stories
    • Revenue generation through an additional sales channel

    Your Brand in the Hands of Consumers 
    Where They Work

    morsel snack box with dry snacks and refrigerated products menu card

    Each week, the rad Morsel delivery van brings the joy of snacks into approximately 100 office locations around the Greater Los Angeles area.*  During office drop-offs, our crew of brand ambassadors will dial-up excitement surrounding your products. They hype office workers both in person and via social media, which creates lasting impressions and continues the conversation to drive future sales.


    *Morsel currently serves Los Angeles, but is anticipated to expand to other markets valuable to your brand.

    Capture Key Consumer Insights

    morsel website where employees will rate and provide consumer feedback on product

    Oh snap! The Morsel sampling program captures valuable consumer insights for each brand. Workplace employees provide feedback via our Snack and Tell surveys on the Morsel website.  All Morsel brand partners have 24/7 access to a detailed reporting dashboard where your data is interpreted into graphs and charts to help your team amplify, analyze, and increase your return on investment. Cha-ching!

    Boosting Brand Awareness with 
    Additional Guerrilla Sampling Campaigns

    You thought this program ended in workplaces? As if! Our sampling program extends the reach of your investment through a weekly bonus guerrilla sampling activation. Every Friday, the Morsel delivery van rolls into high-traffic locations in Los Angeles to engage with consumers. Morsel guerrilla sampling campaigns are highly-interactive, create buzz in the community, and yield impactful results. Booyah!

    Post-Sampling Consumer Engagement 
    and Email Campaigns

    Morsel provides brands with ongoing consumer engagement through follow-up email campaigns. Based on the surveys, brands can contact those consumers who thought the product was da bomb-diggity with personalized promotional offers and content. Engagement and conversion rates are tracked and provided with monthly analytics on consumer segments, preferences, and related data. Through Morsel, brands are able to establish an additional sales channel. Score!

    Now what are you waiting for? It's a no-brainer!